Jun 2, 2017
Bulkhandling systems

Already for decades we engineer and manufacture special silencers to make heavy industrial bulkhandling systems as quiet as possible. Each bulkhandling system is a technical and acoustical challenge combining several engineering fields. Have you ever heard a running unsilenced DN300 blower? Mindblowing or better said earblowing! To bring it to reasonable levels, each single bulkhandling installation needs several heavy duty duct silencers like the in- and outletsilencers for its compressor and its vacuumpump often including pre-inlet silencers and separate blow-off silencers. When the systems are dieselengine powered, engine exhaust silencers are also installed. On the picture in the grazing ‘end of the day sunlight’ you see a glance of the creamy white painted 15! silencers for a worldleading bulkhandling system specialist. Made in Holland!