May 10, 2017
Exhaust manufacturing capacity

Do you actually know the TIO BV exhaust manufacturing capacity? Most probably not. We have the capacity to not only design but also to manufacture any silencer in any shape from approximately Ø50mm up to Ø4000mm with lengths up to 20 meters and weights up to 20 tons per item. On the picture you see a way over Ø3000mm body as we have it now in the manufacturing process.

Our service is not limited to the manufacturing of silencers. For a wide range of international clients we supply beside our silencers, silenced pessure vessels, ducts and exhaust systems including custom build bends and Y-pieces, specialised yacht exhaust systems and filter and catalysthousings. Some key features: several types of carbon steels and stainless steels available from stock, double HD plasmacuttings, certified weldings, in house pressure testing, paint and stainless steel pickling facilities. TIO BV – Your exhaust partner since 1934!