Aug 24, 2017
Gasengine exhaust specialists

Where do you find real gasengine exhaust specialists nowadays? While our official records only go back to around 1990, already far before that year we designed and manufactured exhaust silencers for all major gasengine manufacturers. An uncountable number of silencers is supplied until nowadays, where we still supply direct to nearly all leading gasengine manufacturers and distributors. Due to these direct links with the manufacturers, we always follow the latest engine developments. All options are available, like for example exhaust system ductings, the integrated catalyst with manhole on the picture, anti vibration supports, expansion bellows, and external thermal insulation. Applications vary from a 200kW farmers BIOgas cogeneration set to the largest tomato greenhouse in the world until these fuel fired 150MW seagoing powerplants. Do you need real advice and the best Made in Holland exhaust solution? Conctact us here!